5/26/2012 06:54:28 am

Hey Jeremy/SuperGuide, I know you enjoy making Nintendo games but why haven't you made any originals? Is Outlaw just using fake skins for the moment and you'll replace the enemies and main character with original sprites? Not to mention, I LOVE Kid Icarus Uprising and Dark Pit's theme is fantastic and kind of fits with Outlaw. But if that were just one of, say, six game songs from VARIOUS games, then that would be the icing on the cake! And I was wondering, are Outlaw and Project Fructum the same thing? And JEEZ, I'm sorry for this long post but when is Outlaw coming out? Because I think the combat needs a little more work, maybe a flashier animation? Is there more than one attack button? Are there several kinds of enemies? Do the bosses have weak points? Are there a bunch of secrets? How many achievements will there be? And finally, does it scroll? If you try hard enough, you could make this the best game ever known to Scratchkind! Good luck and keep making awesome games!

5/28/2012 01:24:04 pm

Thank you Ikograndé for your feedback and showing excitement toward my newest project. One main reason I haven't made my own original scripts is I lack the expensive software like adobe fireworks (which 08jackt used) or other programs. And the games skins are final but don't worry everything looks great. I would love to use multiple music but for the time being I plan on only one because of the memory cap of scratch. (It might change later acording to how much memory the game takes). Project Fructum is a completely new thing from outlaw so don't worry. I hope to get outlaw by mid June. The combat is in early for and the full game will have multiple attacks ranging from melee to ranged attacks. There are 16 complete enemies with unique stats and attack types. Bosses have certain types of weak points but will be attackable at all times. I plan to have many unlockables to add to the games replay value. The final achievement number hasn't been set yet. NO the game doesnt scrolls, sorry but I feel I can make crisper levels without scrolling. Thanks for your question and i appreciate your willingness to learn about my games. Keep scratching!


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