"VERY nice job with this. It's really polished and works perfectly. Great range of characters and stages, and fantastic job with the tournament mode. :D"- 08Jackt

"yet another amazing debut. tsgg you've shown the unthinkable to scratch time after time i tip my hat down to you (if i was wearing a hat that is)"- HyperFlame

"WHOA!!! I didn't know this was possible!!! Great JOB!!! AWESOME GAME!!! Rating: 1 billion out of 10!!!"- Someone 2

"I have been waiting for this for a while. The trailers and stuff looked great and all but this is even better! Glad all those people won the contest! Great bunch of characters, great graphics, good gameplay, endless fun!"- snowydude

"Omg man! I did not even know this was possible to MAKE! GREAT JOB! (Holy cow 3 hours and more love its than all my projects combined :P)"- Thescratch3

"It's epicness with a Cherry on top!Thesuperguidegames got everything epic and awesome and put it into an awesome project, that is like none other.Nothing gets better than this game!"-CheckItNow12

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